León’s Holy Week: 10 days to remember

What comes to your mind when you hear about Spain? Probably, you might think about beaches, parties and sun. It is true, we have best ones all around Europe. But we also have wonderful cities where to celebrate the Holy Week. One of these cities is a beautiful northern small town called León. During ten days the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ takes place in the streets and lemonade becomes the order of the day.


“Where everything finishes is just where it begins again”. For the majority this quotation will not  mean anything, but for us, the “papones” (this is how we are called), the end of a Holy Week means the beginning of the next one. A full year of preparation, effort and sacrifice just to wear again our tunics and walk around the streets while enjoying it. It is said that only people understand your insanity if you share the same passion. I totally agree, for me Holy Week is 365 days a year, a deep feeling inside and time to spend with those you love and those who are not with you anymore but that in some way, they knew how to instill this feeling in us.


León’s Holy Week have been proclaimed as international tourist interest, and every year there are more and more people coming to enjoy this small town.  “Tourism in León is widely viewed in positive ways: the audience of tourists enhances the reputation and standing of processions such as “Los Pasos”, tourists financially support the service-based economy of the city, and tourism offers a politically appropriate future direction for the ritual in the aforementioned “new Spain”. Indeed, the widespread acceptance of tourism in Holy Week makes a rigid distinction between “insiders” and “outsiders” untenable” (Badona, 2010).

Sixteen confraternities, more than 20,000 “papones” and incense odor around the streets during 10 incredible days that will make your experience here unforgettable.

This is the link to a YouTube video that can show how it is like during the Holy Week in León: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OM9q8pu9Nus
Here is the source if you want to read further about León’s Holy Week
Intersecting Journeys: The anthropology of pilgrimage and tourism. University of Illinois Press.

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6 Responses to León’s Holy Week: 10 days to remember

  1. haenakim says:

    Hi. I have never heard about this before but there looks very nice! As you said above, the first things which came up in my mind are other things not there. Thanks for letting me know about the city and showing the video! I think i got the reason to visit Spain thanks to you 🙂

    • mherr96 says:

      Thank you! I am very glad that now you have a different perception of my country and also thinking about going there. If you are interested in the Holy Week I also recommend you to go to the south of Spain (Seville, Malaga,…) There is really beautiful!

  2. ackemi says:

    Hi! Thank you for your interesting blog. Seeing this blog reminds me of how the holy week is being done in The Philippines. It is nice to know that some people visit Leon for this event. I think this is a huge event for all the Catholic people and we take it as an important and memorable event. The video was very nice! I would love to visit Leon again someday to witness this special event.

  3. mherr96 says:

    Thank you! I think this “event” attracts a lot of people every year, and for me it has an special meaning. I would love to go one day to the Philippines, and you are more than welcome in Leon again!!

  4. ronanfiacre says:

    Hi ! Thank you for you very interesting blog ! It’s true that when I think about Spain it’s mainly the parties, the beaches and of course the sun. It’s the first I read about the Holy Week. It seems very interesting to see and I hope some day in my life I’ll be able to see it and maybe go to Leon ! Thanks again for this article !

    • mherr96 says:

      Thank you Ronan! I am very happy that you liked the article and now you know Spain is more than parties, beaches and sun. As I said it has a special meaning to me and every year more a more tourists come to León and other cities around Spain to enjoy the Holy Week. You are welcome to León anytime!!

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