The greater good brand

All companies have distinctives features, values and objectives which makes us prefer a brand over an another. These elements create a real identity which we want to be a part of, each person have their own preference : brands design, products qualities, family brands mainly because of their stories, savoir-faire and social brands…

But concerning this last kind of brand, can we estimate that social actions are only for social brands? And did you already hear about CSR ?

CSR means Corporate Social Responsibility and it’s a form of business self-regulation which ensures respect of the law, environment, ethical norms, human rights and consumers. Also there is an increasing number of people who pay attention to brand commitment, CSR using and its impact on the environment or on local populations.

In order to understand more, let’s see why people are attached to these brand’s actions and how much helpful it is. Take the example of Grameen Danone Foods. It’s a collaboration of two business: Danone which is a global agri-food business and Grameen Bank which is a bank specializing in micro-credit. But unlike the usual companies that act Business to Business or Business to Cosumer this one turned towards pyramid markets (BoP) , also this partnership has allowed to create Bangladesh’ factories in order to provide basic dairy products at low prices (around 0,06 euros) for Bangladeshis suffering of malnutrition. In fact this deficiency is a big problem for the country because it affects the majority of the population, who are constantly in the danger of becoming sick very easily, and having difficulties in their studies or work. It’s a real development barrier, but thanks to Grameen Danone Foods actions they can improve their level of vitamins and minerals. It also helps the country development, because it increases the number of employment (more micro-farmers, sales ladies, factory employees…) and their quality of work.

All these actions are a real added value for both businesses,which was possible through the determination of Danone and the micro-credit of Grameen Bank. Who can not like this kind of brand, knowing all the actions it is implementing to meet the needs of the greater good while developing its economy. These actions are not negligible, on the contrary we have to make the opportunity to create more of them,and believe in the potential of every single person.

Prof. Yunus and Franck Riboud sign the joint venture contract of Grameen Danone

Muhammad Yunus and Franck Riboud respective director of Grameen Bank and Danone sign the joint venture contract of Grameen Danone



Article :

Jebarajakirthy, Charles ; Thaichon, Paramaporn ; Yoganathan, Dhanushanthini

Enhancing corporate social responsibility through market orientation practices in bottom of pyramid markets: with special reference to microcredit institutions.

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One Response to The greater good brand

  1. claudiaggs says:

    Hi Malvina,
    After reading your post I´ve realized how bad is the world in order to the social actions that the brands are doing or taking into account. More brands should do as the ones you mentioned on your post because it would make a difference, though many people don´t think the same or they don´t even care.
    Thank you for leaving a piece of knowledge there.

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