The Honest Company as an example of successful brand building

The Honest Company, Inc is an eco-friendly business founded by Hollywood actress Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan. It started as a startup in 2011 and now its worth has been estimated at $1.7 billion and it is preparing to file for an IPO. The brand revolves around family core values, eco-friendliness and beautiful design. The product offering is wide but at the same time consistent, all connected to babies, personal care and well being.

The company, which specializes in “chemical-free” baby products, has raised $70 million after completing a round of investment and expects full-year revenue to almost triple to $150 million. The Honest Company’s image relies very much on their idea of safe family products. Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan sum it up like this:”We both wanted an ideal: not only effective, but unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable – everyone should have it. We believed every baby deserved the best we can create for them. We are dreamers.”

On their website the the Honest company states that their “dream is to re-define the “family brand” and create something – with you – that’s better for all families, everywhere.” The success of the Honest brand can be explained with the match of consumer and company values in addition the celebrity co-founder Jessica Alba’s influence. Living in Finland, I had not even heard of the Honest Company before reading Alba’s interview in an article of Cosmopolitan Finland.

The baby product industry is very competitive, so the branding has to be well thought for the products to thrive. Overall in brand building, it needs to be stated that “development of a brand as a resource and a strategic instrument of competition requires that it engages and represents a value for both the organisation and customers in target group or groups.”( Mats Urde,2003) It is clear that the Honest Company is targeted at parents and people who value safety and eco-friendliness.To me personally, the design and products are charming looking and ,as I share their values, using their products in the future is possible. So as a conclusion the Honest Company’s brand building has been a smash hit.



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3 Responses to The Honest Company as an example of successful brand building

  1. verabelinskaya says:

    I really liked your blog post. I have actually heard a lot about the brand on YouTube as many YouTubers use it in the US and I do not know whether it is because of promotion and some of them are paid for it. However, the reviews and feedback I have seen is that it if very good quality and affordable which is great. For example I feel like in Finland if you want to use organic or natural products you always have to pay a lot more and it is not an economical solution. Also, even though I have heard about the brand I had no idea Jessica Alba was one of the founders!

  2. zzorko15 says:

    Hi saaramaria3! Thank you for presenting this brand. I’ve heard of it before but never actually look what kind of products they sell. They have really beautiful design and what i really like is their prices. Usually eco friendly products are much more expensive.
    I think Honest company will be even more successful in future as more and more people are switching to eco friendly products.

  3. morganepasquier says:

    I really liked your article, to my mind, honest brands will tend to have more success in the future, because now people want to know where their product come from. Especially when we talk about baby products. People want the best for their children without having to spend all their money in it. For the past years the ecological issues are growing, so, honest brands with eco-friendly products will have a real competitive advantage over their competitors.

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