Through thick and thin with the Edmonton Oilers and its brand

Its been over 10 years since the Edmonton Oilers have made it in the post season. 10 long years suffered both from the team and the fans. No one likes to lose, especially when “The City of Champions” has a strong reputation to uphold. Back in the golden age of ice hockey in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the team and the city were successful in winning 5 championships over a period of 9 years back in the 1980’s. It was a special time when the greatest person to have ever played the game was at our helm driving the city, Mr. Wayne Gretzky, “The Great One”. Now, times are different, we are in a brand new arena that is the newest in the NHL, the province is in transition between industries and there’s a focus on the future of Edmonton.

When we were winning lot’s it was great! The brand was strong and impenetrable. When we weren’t the brand was dismissed which lead to a lack of support from everyone. This lack of support and recognition can be a hard and trivial aspect to get back. It tests individuals who identify themselves and their life with how the brand is doing. This brings a lot of pressure towards the team and the city to facilitate the two cohesive relationships.

One must think of a brand as a moving, dynamic, living organism that has to adapt to survive, much like that of the firm it represents. A constant evaluation of all strategic management tools must be used to facilitate the growing wants of the consumer. All the while tailoring the experience needed to harness and attract new representatives of the organization. Understanding this challenge in its entirety provides an affective response to what the Oilers need/needed to make a playoff birth.

As this time of year in North America continues for the Edmonton Oilers they are currently sitting in 2nd place in their division. This standing is exciting because it reveals all the hard work they have done to make it to the playoffs both on and off the ice. Such a result goes to show that no matter the adversity, sticking to the brand by supporting it does wonders for the local community.

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2 Responses to Through thick and thin with the Edmonton Oilers and its brand

  1. Lets go Oilers! Nice post, Craig. Do you think a lot of people come to Oiler’s games because of the branding that has taken place?

    • flemingcraigcanada14 says:

      Go Oil go! Thanks, strictly speaking it’s hard to say confidently, but yeah I think so! There’s a strong drive to see the fastest/highest skilled player play so. (Connor McDavid aka McJesus)

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