Why have product placements in music videos ?

          Today, in our daily lives, we are used to see advertisements all day long on TV, on the radio, in the street or even in the movies. However, we encounter a new phenomenon in our society, for several years now: advertising in music videos. Then we can ask ourselves a simple question: What is the importance of the music videos for the both artists and brands? :

First, product placement is financially beneficial to the artist. It can reach between 70,000 and 150,000 euros for international exhibitions. This figure varies according to the exposure of the video but also the notoriety of the artist.

Hilary Duff – All About You

The video shows the new Amazon smartphone “the fire phone”. The goal is to target a young public who wants to identify with the singer. Rather smart !

        Those videos are a very fast and benefit mean to attract the eye of the consumer. Music creates a very important link between the populations of a nation. If it is known, it can federate an idea or a state of mind across several different cultures.

This idea of common gathering is accentuated if we put an image on this music. By following the incredible evolution of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, brands have decided to infiltrate music videos in a marketing objective. Moreover, product placement in a music video is a very effective way to get very strong media coverage.

Ed Sheeran – Sing 

Here the brand is Beats to promote his new headphones “Solo2”. It was a good investment for the brand because the clip was number one in several countries.

         In order to support my subject, I found an article by the American director Brian Pechers, entitled “The Branding Power of Today’s Music Videos”. In this article, the author explains that 2 main elements make that marketing in music videos is very effective for brands.

  • Indeed, a video is first, accessible by everyone and very easily. “Accessibility leads to repetition,which helps develop a strong brand” that is particularly true since the Internet emergence.
  • The second element is that the music videos are shareable. With the appearance of social networks and especially YouTube, we can show videos to our friends. This will take more and more scale like a snowball effect. The artist and especially the brand will therefore have more visibility (thus more income).

     In the end, artists and brands are pushing each other through partnerships. The industrialists have understood how to make visibility to the consumers and especially the young people. As well as artists have figured out how to make money easily.

The opening I would give on this subject is: What are the limits of product placements? Does the artist have to have an ethical image, or must he accepts everything to earn money?

Article by Brian Pechers

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3 Responses to Why have product placements in music videos ?

  1. meliskirmizi says:

    hi @maximefr85 , It is new and very popular trend now. Generally, in the movies product placement is so obvious and annoying they try to put the product in your eye but in the music videos because of it’s nature it is fast and not annoying as in the movies. Secondly, you cannot skip that part because well you are listening the music! You don’t listen a character promoting a product. But I know that some fans are criticise those singers who advertise something. Fans want that singers focus only on their music. 🙂

  2. I think it is really interesting, because of course i have seen this product placement in the music videos but i wasn´t really aware of it, I think they are more subtle. I think the ethical limits for the artists are personal, because it is up to them to decide when is too much and when is the money getting in the way of really making music.

  3. claudiaggs says:

    Hi Maxime,
    I liked a lot your post because from a few years ago, since i started the degree of advertisement, I´ve been noticing the same fact as you talk about. We all know that many videos of music don´t make any sense the most of the time, but they can show a lot of brands on their videos. They use this in order engage the listener to a new consumer of that brand that is announcing. This makes a lot of sense for both industries, it is a good way of working together. Rihanna does this a lot of times.
    Thanks for your post! It was a pleasure reading it!

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