Do it again

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During the years as a university student with the very high expectations for my own results, I’ve made numerous remakes of my assignments – which I’ve first believed to become a success, but later seen a great need to do the assignment in a completely different way that it was supposed to be. This blog text is a creation of one of these situations.

In the ever changing world of advertising and public relations, the beliefs and attitudes of the consumers are playing the most important role of every choice the company is about to do. At the moment we live in a very hectic era, where topics such as refugees, racism and climate change are covering our newspaper headlines all over the world. Due the digitalization, crisis in the middle east seems to be much closer in my thoughts than it used to be for example in the era when my parents used to be in my age.

So it makes great sense why, for example brands such as Ford – which has been a notable company to promote the “American dream” and shaping the way of the infrastructure of the American cities from the early 20’s – are now taking part in a discussion about Donald Trump’s human discrimination ideology. They know what people are talking about and their brand’s original idea of an American nuclear family driving with their products isn’t exactly the sexiest picture to paint on a billboard.

Re-branding might be an excellent way to bring a brand back to life, which has already fallen a bit off the track, since the earlier mentioned beliefs and attitudes of the target groups and consumers have changed. Michael Johnson describes re-branding, in his book Branding in five and half steps, in the following way: “The days of organizations presenting themselves in the same way for decades have long gone. At its most basic level, a re-brand, can for a time, present new approach. But if it’s just wallpapering over the cracks, 21st-century consumers and clients can often see straight through an inauthentic offer.”.

But there’s a fine line between presenting new approach and wallpapering over the cracks, don’t you think?

(Picture: Eeli Rimpilä)
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