„Fazer – taste of Finland“ isn’t that an appealing slogan? As I am an exchange student from Austria I am really interested in finish culture, traditions and habits and I really wanted to learn something about the famous finish chocolate producer. That is why I registered for a visit to the Fazer Experience Visitor Centre which is located in Vantaa, Finland. However, how important is brand building beyond advertising and what is behind all this? What do you think?

According to Aaker and Joachimsthaler there are ten guidelines for brand building beyond advertising. It is important to

  1. Clarify the brand identity, value proposition and position
  2. Find the sweet spot
  3. Find the driving idea
  4. Involve the customer
  5. Surround the customer
  6. Target
  7. Break out of the clutter
  8. Link the brand building to the brand
  9. Strive for authenticity and substance
  10. Stretch the brand building program

Brand Building Beyond Advertising(Aaker & Joachsthaler, 2002)

With the Experience Visitor Centre Fazer managed to implement some of those guidelines. In general, the traditional Karl Fazer chocolate is best known for its delicious taste, high quality ingredients and of course its blue wrapper which symbolises the pure Finish nature.  As a result, they have a clear brand identity and besides this they are also a part of the finish cultural heritage.

Fazer definitely involves the customer with the Experience Visitor Centre. Fazer’s passion for chocolate was the sweet spot and with the Centre they found a way to integrate the customer. They succeeded in strengthening the relationship as the visitors get the chance to experience the brand and to actively get involved.  They also broke out of the competition and created something special.

In addition, they attract a lot of people with the fact that they are allowed to eat as much chocolate as they want during the visit. Does that also capture your attention? Furthermore, it is important to mention that you truly have the possibility to discover the brand and the company during the visit. As you are not allowed to go to the factory they have VR glasses (virtual reality glasses) to have a look at the production of different products.

To sum it up it can be said that the Fazer Experience Visitor Centre is an excellent tool in order to gain interest/attention and to build up a solid relationship to the customer. What do you think about such a Visitor Centre? Would you visit the Fazer Experience Visitor Centre?


Aaker, D., & Joachimsthaler, E. (2002). Brand Leadership. London.



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11 Responses to FAZER – TASTE OF FINLAND

  1. Thank you for this interesting blog! Fazer definitely has a high competitive advantage and not just from their product diversification. As you mentioned integrated marketing communication through various channels is really important part in creating awareness and adding up to brand imagine. I had a chance to visit Fazer factory and it was an exceptional experience for once. The idea of customer journey that they take you through is an original way which involves all targeted customers strengthening customer relationships. This strategy not just helps to promote existing and new products. However, in my personal opinion, I would not exclude this merge of actions and activities from advertising since it is still a big part of advertising by creating interactive marketing with its customers.

  2. Peppu Co. says:

    I could relate the theory to actual practice easily as you wrote your own experience in the Fazer center as a visitor. Finding the passion for cholcolate was the sweet spot for Fazer and this led to the successful connection with customers. I would want to visit the Fazer centre as well.

  3. lndbri says:

    Arriving in Finland I was suddenly surrounded by hundreds of bars of Fazer chocolate. Interested in the brand, I did some research about it and I can only agree on your blog post. Fazer does many things to gain high brand recognition and to promote their products best. I think the factory visit is a great experience for all to have a look behind the scenes, to test products and to identify even more with the brand. The visit can be seen as an interactive marketing tool which makes consumers having an amazing adventure in the factory. In return, they will memorize it and tell further generations of their fantastic brand experience. Such a visitor centre is a great idea to attract consumers and to strengthen the customer relationships. I hope to get a chance to visit the factory during my stay in Finland once.

  4. teemumyyra says:

    Great blog! I feel that you visiting the factory really added to the post, bringing up some points about Fazer that you might’ve not known otherwise. Having visited the factory, I can agree that it really helps them with gaining interest. Not a lot of companies are known for their company visits but Fazer surely is one.

  5. jannejesperi says:

    Your post pretty much nails it. For Finland’s Independence Day Fazer has their special chocolates with special wrappings, I mean how much more Finnish can you be? What I’ve also found fascinating with Fazer is that they are doing remarkable job when they are being contacted by students in order to complete certain projects. This only strengthens their position in the minds of students thus gaining more recognition. I’ve never visited the factory even though I’ve had the chance but as already mentioned above, it does create a certain amount of interest towards the brand.

  6. miiauim says:

    I think it’s great that Fazer has opened the visitor centre! I’m not sure, but I believe it might be the only brand in Finland that has one. The visitor centre can deepen the relationship between the customers and the brand in a unique way. Also it can be an interesting place to visit as a foreigner, as someone who hasn’t grown up with the brand being there. Personally I love factories and learning histories of brands so I would defintely like to visit.

  7. Hei branding722, thanks for the interesting blogpost! I think such a visitor center is a good idea – if the company is large/solvent enough to be able to afford it – for several reasons: Nowadays, it becomes more and more important to stand out from the crowd (homogeneous products, increasing competition). A visitor center is a great approach to differentiate through emotions and experiences. There are not many companies which are offering something similar. Moreover, today’s consumers demand transparency and want to look behind the scenes of large companies. A brand touchpoint like that demonstrates openness and transparency and improves bonding and identification with the company brand. I would like to visit the Fazer Experience Visitor Centre during my stay in Finland to get to know the company and the brand better because it has developed such a strong market dominance in Finland.

  8. teemuvor says:

    Fazers visitor centre sure is one of a kind. I also think that it is “sweet” way to build your brand to have those tours in visitor center. Beside the chocolate you get to eat they also makes customer familiar the way they make candies and different kind of chocolates. It creates trust between customer and Company when companys operation is transparent. Thats why I like Fazer as a brand. It is truly transparent and Fazer as a brand just seems so pure and clean.

  9. Thanks, branding722 for the great blog post! I signed up for the Fazer Visit as well, but unfortunately, I could not be there this time. As I am a true chocolate lover, I would be very interested in getting to know the manufacturing process, and the opportunity to try all the different chocolate types that they have seems super appealing! I think that especially for a product such as chocolate a visitor center like this is a great way to establish a contact point between the company and its customers. For sure, the visitor center helps Fazer to come across in a different light, they can show the customers what they want them to think & feel about their company and their products. And, by offering free chocolate tasting, they might be able to generate increased interest and thus sales in new products they have. However, I, as a customer, was thinking whether firms might use such a visitor center to influence customers in a one-sided way: They appear to be transparent, but I could imagine that they highlight very much the great aspects of their products and processes while downplaying the shadow sides that there might be about the company. Either way, for Fazer it pays off for sure and adds a lot of value to their brand.
    Thanks for the interesting insights, I hope to get the chance to visit Fazer as well!

  10. Fazer is indeed a very Finnish thing. The reason behind this brand being so famous is because of the way they differentiate themselves and the varieties of the products they offer.

    And Yes, Fazer is well known for the company visits, which is part of their interactive marketing done with its customers.
    This way they are engaging directly to their core customers and customers get even more connected towards the brand through a hands-on experience like this. The sense of transparency created by this action also leads to positive brand image.

    I, myself have never visited the factory even though I’ve had the chance and I think I should do it soon. However, thank you for this interesting post.

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