I feel love, I feel SloveNIA

In this age of globalization, countries face a lot of competition from others for export, tourism, new business relations and investment opportunities. Like any organization, a positive and strong brand image is very important in achieving growth by improving the brand perception of the nation globally.

Slovenia became independent in 1991. At that time, no one really knew a single fact about the new “born” country, except that it is new and that is situated somewhere in central Europe. With its independency, Slovenia lost their recognisability in being a powerhouse of Yugoslavian economy and a lot of Slovenians claimed that they also lost their signature identity.


In 2006, government agency decided to take measures about the problems that Slovenia has been facing since the independency. Slovenia has been frequently mistaken with other countries, has not been recognizable and has not be valued as it should be. The evaluation of the situation resulted in decision, that Slovenia needs representational image (slogan, logotype, brand), that would increase its recognisability. Findings showed that Slovenia is very diversified country and that they can pride oneself with good characteristics, but the country needs clear and short message, that can activate quick and correct association in minds of individuals, organizations and decision makers. In 2007, Slovenian government approved a new slogan:” I feel Slovenia”LOGO-I-FEEL-SLOVENIA

Brand Identity:

“A brand is not the name of a product. It is the vision that drives the creation of products and services under that name. That vision, the key belief of the brands and its core values is called identity. It drives vibrant brands able to create advocates, a real cult and loyalty.” (Kapferer 2008)

Slovenian brand does not carry such a title by chance. Slovenia cannot be estimated only by an image; Slovenia has to be felt and experienced. This is what differentiates Slovenia’s brand from the brands of other countries. The elements of Slovenia’s brand identity are common to all areas (i.e., the civic sphere, state, economy, tourism, culture and arts, science, and sport) and represent a common denominator of Slovenians and Slovenia. They are the foundation of the Slovenian experience.

With Kapfereres identity prism I want to identify Slovenian characteristics.  This is one of the most constructive brand tools made. It is simple to understand, and easy to articulate your brand’s identity.

The prism includes 6 essential elements:

  1. Physique
  2. Personality
  3. Culture
  4. Relationship
  5. Self-image
  6. Reflection

Successful brands manage to project a positive and coherent image into the minds of their consumers, which means that all of these six facets need to be carefully intertwined and aligned so that each contributes to establishing and maintaining brand essence.

1.) Physique: Slovenia is a green country, small, new, diverse, touristy etc.

2.) Personality: Organized, active, proud, friendly, kind, stubborn

3.) Culture: Traditional, individualistic, pedantic, open etc.

4.) Relationship: intact nature, potential of achieving something more, quality services

5.) Self-image: country of: sports, culture, nature

6.) Reflection: successful, intelligent, responsible, professional, businessman etc.

All this has the purpose of strengthening the brand, and making it more recognisable and memorable, which will, in turn, result in creating a consistent, long-lasting impression of your name. This is why Slovenia has to continue to toughen its brand, especially because of smallness and dependency on others. Furthermore, they have to keep in mind that a good name is better than riches.



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7 Responses to I feel love, I feel SloveNIA

  1. Jin Ming says:

    Hey Nikola.Your title attracted me to read your blog as I was wondering why “I feel love” related to “I feel SloveNIA”. I never know that Slovenia became independent for just 27 years since 1991 until today. The slogan that Slovenian government had approved, it is really easy to remember. I believe I will always remember Slovenia whenever I see “Love”. 😀 As you mentioned “Slovenia has to be felt and experienced.”, I hope I can travel there one day and feel the SloveNIA.

    • Chloé CH. says:

      Hey! I think your post is very interesting. It was smart to choose to talk about a nation and not about a company to mention brand building. I wouldn’t have thought about it and I found very interesting to learn all of that about Slovenia. I agree with you on the fact that Slovenia managed to differentiate itself and to stand out through this identity and this slogan which is very recognisable. Hope I’ll be able to visit that country one day !

  2. Florian Mainzer says:

    Hey Nikola,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about your homeland with us.
    It is very exciting to see how a “newborn” country deals with branding. This situation is not very common. But I think the government has done a good job. I like the slogan and now i realy want to visit your country and that’s what it’s about.

  3. carolaavondetto says:

    Good job Nikola, great post!
    I’ve never been to Slovenia but I really enjoyed reading your post and also the picture looks really nice!

    I think that what Slovenia’s government decided to do created a strong and empowering image of your country.

    In my experience, I already saw this slogan back in 2015, when I visited the Slovenian Pavilion at the Expo 2015, that took place in Milan. I remember that there were lots of Pavilions but the Slovenian one caught my eyes. It was made out of wood with lots of plants and flowers around, and then there was the sign you mentioned, right above the entrance, which I taught was great. I also got a green heart shaped sticker that is still in my room!

    Thanks again for the well written post! Maybe one day I’ll be able to experience Slovenia too! 🙂

  4. Lucas Caussette says:

    Nice and well written article, congrats! Slovenia is a country that we do not often hear about, and that is why it precisely caught my attention.
    I find interesting the way you are talking about such a small and discreet country, the way you are trying to make people interested in it after that, as you mentioned, Slovenians felt like they lost their signature with the independence.
    I guess the government did well taking measures to face this non-recognition reputation; it is good for the economy/tourism etc, and also it is a very good decision for the Slovenians to feel recognized.
    Thanks for your post and again, nice job 🙂

  5. Boo Neng Yong says:

    Thank you for a good post Nikola.
    Being a travel enthusiast, I would say this post has fascinated me to travel to Slovenia!
    Many countries are doing great brand identities to attract more travelers. As you mentioned in the post, the slogan “I feel Slovenia”, it reminds me of Taiwan’s “I love Taiwan” tourist slogan. They have the same features in branding, making people easier to recognized the country.
    Slovenia is kind of a young country,however I think the government has done a great job to gain the image and the tourism of the country.
    Thanks again for a great article!

  6. Hi Nikola!
    Good job, your post is great because it shows
    how you can develop an strategy to develop a new and modern country symbol with à marketing and communication strategy, the goal here is to highlight all the different shapes of the country in one sentence. This type of campaign are very useful because it shows how you can apply strategy not only for a brand but also for a country. It helps countries to gain popularity and develop the knowledge about this country! Thanks

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