Generation of micro-influencers

Today, we are going to talk about how brands can leverage micro-influencers on social media.


First of all, let me explain how micro- and macro-influencers differ from each other. Influencers are usually categorised into those two groups by the number of followers influencers obtain. For instance, macro-influencers have around 10 000-1 000 000 followers on social media, while micro-influencers start out at 1 000 followers. Whereas many would claim that “more is better”, some online business magazines like Forbes and Inc. will state that “less is more”.


One of the reasons to fancy micro-influencers nowadays is the price they charge for their services. In accordance with, macro-influencers, who have more than 100 000 followers, will ask at least for $400 per a post. Respectively, macro-influencers with more than 1 000 000 followers may charge to $1 400 for a post in Instagram. In contrast, micro-influencers with 2 000-100 000 followers charge between $137 and $258 per a post in Instagram. Definitely a benefit!


Another reason to choose micro-influencers in a marketing campaign are their effectiveness. According to Hierarchical Influences Model, created by Pamela Shoemaker and Stephen D. Reese, “individuals” is the level located in the centre of the model. Precisely, individual’s characteristics, such as gender and age, may shape personal attitude and values. Which consequently may increase likeness of a product being advertised. Moreover, since, micro-influencers have smaller number of followers they have so-called niche audience, which allows them to target the required audience easier and increase the amount of returns.

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Last but not least, many people believe that people with less followers are more trust-worthy, since they create some sort of a bond with each and every follower. Therefore, followers of micro-influencers are more likely to trust and actually follow.



A Media Sociology for the Networked Public Sphere: The Hierarchy of Influences Model by Stephen D. Reese and Pamela J. Shoemaker.

Less Is More: The Value of Micro-Influencers for Brands by Young Entrepreneur Council

Using Micro-Influencers to Successfully Promote Your Brand by Shane Barker

Unsplash (pictures source)

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5 Responses to Generation of micro-influencers

  1. carolaavondetto says:

    Good job Meri, great post!
    Before reading your article, I didn’t know about the difference between those two categories of influencer.
    Personally, I have few friends who reached the amount of followers ‘required’ to starting to be contacted by some firms. Of course the firms that contacted them are not as big as the ones that contact influencers like Chiara Ferragni, Kayla Itsines or Kendall Jenner, but is still a good starting point for people who want to start a career in this field, if this is how we can call it.

    It’s true also that, by having a smaller number of followers the micro-influencer will look more like ‘friends’ than strangers and this can for sure help in creating a strong bond with targeted audience. And that’s what the firm is looking for, a small and easily targetable group.

    Thank you for your article, very simple and clear, it was a pleasure to read it.

  2. Léna Cornen says:

    Hi Meri! You’ve made a great job with your article and explained really clearly the difference between micro and macro influencers. I totally agree with you on the fact that micro-influencers appear as more accessible for companies that are contacting them, and more honest from their audience’s point of view. As a regular Instagram user, and more generally as a social media user, I can observe really often products or services advertising from both micro and macro influencers’ accounts and I’m definitely more confident in “smaller” accounts because I keep thinking (maybe a preconceived idea that I have) that they are more objective and honest regarding the products placements they accept and feedbacks they are giving to their community about it.

  3. hellocadie says:

    Hi meri !
    Thank you for this very interesting article and schemes have been well chosen ! The very good thing is that your article shows the two most important points (according to my point of view) regarding influencers : money and trust. In fact there are more and more influencers on the internet, they are promoting a lot of different brands/products. Personally, sometimes I feel a bit oppressed by this even if I follow these people. In fact I never really know if influencers are promoting a brand/a product because they really like it or just because they are paid for it…
    I personally think that now as an influencer to really influence people about a product or a brand you have to build a real relationship with your followers based on trust ! Trust is one of the most important thing in influencing people as your article shows !
    As it is something very actual thanks for making me think about it ! 🙂

  4. MorganeCCC says:

    Hi meri,

    I also wrote an article about this new way of promoting your brand through influencers on social networks. Instead of you I only talk about the macro-influencers in my article. I did not look at the smallest influencers. Your article suddenly opened my mind. It is true that the smallest influencers can be a good oyen to promote its products especially when it’s a small brand with less money. and I also think that smaller influencers are more likely to accept partnerships.

    Thank you for your article.

  5. Yifan Dong says:

    Good article! this was something that i have not really considered, as i used to think that the bigger the audience, the better the influencer is able to promote different products. Niche marketing can indeed be very powerful if done right

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