The repositioning of McDonald’s in Europe

As you know, I think, Mcdonald’s is a fast food chain.
What do you think of when we talk about Mcdonald’s? Personally I think of burgers, fries, basically a diet not very healthy. Mcdonald’s has long suffered from this image but also the image of a company that does not respect the environment.

Why McDonald’s had a bad image?

In 2004, a documentary film named “Super Size Me” was released. It’s a documentary about McDonald’s food. Indeed, they had the experience with a person, who for a month took all his meals at McDo. As you can imagine, the human body does not react very well to this diet.
This is one of the reasons why McDonald’s has a bad image, and that is why in 2005, in Europe, they will try to find solutions.

How McDo has improved his image in Europe?

For many, the McDo Logo is the traditional logo still present in the US, it’s a red logo with a yellow M (see above). Since 2009, this is no longer the case in Europe because McDonald’s has decided to change its logo. The latter is now with a green background and an M which is always yellow. Indeed, the first country to have adopted this new logo in Europe is Germany. Convinced by this implantation, they decided to implant it throughout Europe via Switzerland, Belgium …
McDonlad’s added this logo change, with awareness campaigns on the environment and sustainable development.
Why is the logo green? Because green is obviously the color of the environment.
This company would have reduced these greenhouse gas emissions by 8%.
How did they do it? By using less polluting trucks during deliveries; using renewable electricity in its stores; by modifying its packaging to limit the use of fossil fuels during their creation; by recovering rainwater and using it for its “educational vegetable gardens”; by harvesting and recycling his cooking oils ….

And you? Do you think that a change of logo is enough to improve the image of a brand? You think it’s a real commitment or just greenwashing?


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4 Responses to The repositioning of McDonald’s in Europe

  1. delormem says:

    I am surprised but happy to know that McDonald’s has taken actions to reduce their environmental impact. This logo change was associated with major advertising campaigns showing the brand’s efforts to supply itself to local producers, and products from organic farming. I am sure that for some people who are sensitive to advertising, these changes have an effect on their vision of the brand. Unfortunately, I don’t really think that these actions are due to a brand awareness on environmental issues but more a way to stand out in a strong competitive environment with others fast food chain in order to attract even more consumers. So, I think more about greenwashing.

  2. adeleallard says:

    Thank you for your article about a kind of repositioning for McDonald’s image!
    For me, we can only judge a company throughout their actions and so I have been more surprised in a positive way by McDonald’s when the company have made concrete actions such as using controlled meat, promote local or organic products than only logo change. But at the end of the day, I am convinced that behind all these improvements, McDonald’s is just aware that it is remarkable marketing actions to attract other consumers and make more profit.

  3. hofaikwan says:

    I am glad to know McDonald’s has done some actions to protect the environment. However, only changing the of the logo cannot improve the image of the company. Even it decreased the greenhouse gases emission, it is still using lots of disposal packaging all around the world and polluting our Earth. Therefore, other than changing the logo, they have to think of other ways to stop polluting.

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