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Influencers Marketing, a New Way to Promote Your Brand

A New Way of Promoting The promotion of the brand on the social networks (youtube – instagram – snapchat) and on the blogs evolved these last years. Some companies use influencers to speak about their products or their services. We … Continue reading

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Does counterfeiting damage the image of a luxury brand ?

Counterfeiting is the fact to identically  replicate a product. Counterfeiting is nowadays not only a fact but a real phenomenon which is constantly increasing. It concerns every industry: food, toys, technology, cars, cosmetics, fashion and even drugs. Regardless of the sector, counterfeiting … Continue reading

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DEBRANDING: the future of branding?

Have you ever heard about the concept of Debranding? Brands traditionally have been the province of the market department. The main focus has been on communicating a brand in a distinctive way to target customers and managing their expectations. WHAT … Continue reading

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From Celebrity to Business woman

Have you ever hear about Kim Kardashian? The answer is probably yes, and if that’s not the case you probably don’t have any social media. From just a simple celebrity she became one of the most influential women in Forbes. … Continue reading

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Brand Community Jägermeister – From the old man liquor to an international hip drink

Jägermeister, Germany’s most famous drinks export and also a prime example for excellent branding. The company W. Mast Weingroßhandlung was founded in 1878. In 1934 Curt Mast developed the liqueur “Jägermeister” with the traditional 56 herbs. A year later, the … Continue reading

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