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Tesla, a strong green vision for a better environment.

The American company Tesla is today one of the world leader in the green technologies. In 2003 it started by producing electric automobiles which were a at the time an amazing innovation, but the company didn’t stop and decided to … Continue reading

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5 Effective Brand Building Strategies to Attract Customers

What is brand building and why is it important? Many people think that it is about communicating and exposing the brand but it’s more than that. Brand building is the process of creating value to customers. It is a crucial … Continue reading

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Can we live without industrial farming?

I supposed that all of you know Monsanto?  Which is one, if not, the biggest company specialized in the agricultural biotechnology, based in the US. I saw recently that Bayer, which is also one of the biggest pharmaceutical company, recently bought … Continue reading

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Green washing or green marketing: it’s up to you!

There is a growing attention from brands toward sustainable development issues – economy, environment, human resources, ethics, local communities. Why do they care more about it? It is probably because of the mega trend that has been developed for few … Continue reading

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Build your own surfboard in cardboard!

After the bicycle and the skateboard here comes the surfboard in cardboard. We already saw different alternative and more ecological materials such as wood or cork to manufacture a surfboard. The cardboard is a really new material in the surf … Continue reading

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