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Japan; A country where almost everything is interesting!

What comes into your mind when you hear the word Asia? Chinese people?, Japanese people or Korean people or maybe rice? How about Japan? Do you think about anime, sushi or manga when you hear the word Japan?     … Continue reading

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Brand New World

As of today, we can sense an assumption that each country in the world has a fixed role; developed high-income countries with sophisticated infrastructures and intellectual property are the leaders in design and research, middle-income countries have a wide manufacturing base … Continue reading

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H&M The Truth

  Throughout the years H&M has always been my go to brand and store of choice, I seen it as reliable, Affordable and fashionable. What more did I need to know?  It was not until one night I watched a … Continue reading

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I love you Nutella.

In recent years I have noticed that many people not just like or dislike products and their brands, but really love or hate them. ‘’I love Starbucks!’’ ‘’I hate Pepsi, but love CocaCola!’’ The emotions which are connected to brands … Continue reading

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Hi, Brother, why did you stop buying?

In total, Finnish households have dramatically decreased spending on consumer goods.  We would like to ask why. According to the Finnish consumer confidence indicator from January 2014, only 14 per cent of consumers fear that their own economy would worsen … Continue reading

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