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Adding value to your personal brand: 4 building blocks of any successful brand

With the rise of the Information Age, a paradox of individualism and collectivism have coincided exponentially to unseen heights and it only remains to grow due to globalisation. Social media and marketing campaigns are sought to not only help companies … Continue reading

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DIY Personal Branding – How and Why?

Most of us associate the words ‘’branding’’ and ‘’brand’’ to companies and products, but nowadays it’s a must to brand yourself just like a company would brand a new product. Personal Branding has become a useful tool to proceed in … Continue reading

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Getting behind eSports

Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Adidas, Snickers, McDonald’s, Samsung, Intel, Paramount. All of these are valuable brands that are recognized by people around the world.  They are also part of the list of dozen brands that have invested in eSports in the last … Continue reading

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The buying behavior of Generation Z

The buying behavior of Generation Z The world changes and so do the generations. Generation Z or the Zs means people who are born in the 21st century. The Zs are a smaller generation than the previous ones but it … Continue reading

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Best buy – Gen Z

Buying behavior is nowadays more colorful than ever before. Generation Z or Gen Z in short stands out from other generations in such a way that it has a straightforward relationship between electronic devices and social media. Social media has … Continue reading

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