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Sustainable Fashion is the future!

Fashion has become an important topic of discussion lately. Sometimes with interesting examples of successful designers and brands that break through internationally, but unfortunately also with frightening images of appalling working conditions and the dramatic events in Bangladesh (Rana Plaza … Continue reading

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E-shops: the reasons why I only shop online

Have you ever tried to do your Christmas gift shopping at the Haussmann’s Galeries Lafayette on a 24th of December? This is one of the reasons why I only shop online now. Someone said that time is money, well, by shopping online, … Continue reading

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Unintuitive – how we sometimes get screwed over by things we don’t even realize

Often we as consumers think we’re pretty much in charge of our buying behaviour. Or at least we think we know why we sometimes succumb to temptation and indulge in luxuries we don’t really need or can’t afford. We chalk … Continue reading

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Psychology of impulse buying

  Have you ever wondered what happened on your shopping trip when you get home and you have many shopping bags whit you?  I have and here are a few tips for you, if you want to generate more sales … Continue reading

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They have ways of making you spend

Are you familiar with the situation where your good intentions were to only make some practical and economical purchases from the sale, but you ended up with shopping bags full of everything else – at normal price, of course! Or … Continue reading

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