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I feel love, I feel SloveNIA

In this age of globalization, countries face a lot of competition from others for export, tourism, new business relations and investment opportunities. Like any organization, a positive and strong brand image is very important in achieving growth by improving the … Continue reading

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Driving pleasure- this is what drives BMW

Do you believe in having something different from the rest? Would it make you feel special?  Well, BMW doesn’t just build cars. The brand’s innovations and exceptional design create emotion, enthusiasm, fascination and thrills. At least is the visual identity of … Continue reading

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“The beauty of me is that I’m very rich”

Honest comment, right? It is not usual way of saying things, what also makes it unforgettable. Do you remember who has said it? Internet is full of instructions ”how to build a brand”. There is a lot of companies which has … Continue reading

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How Get Your Customer Hooked To Your Product?

Have you ever think how marketing works or how commercial gets you to buy the product? Marketing is based completely on the human mind. We need to think how human mind reacts to our commercial. The main thing is to … Continue reading

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Has product placement affected you?

Many of us would answer it hasn’t! If we take a closer look at his subject, we realise that marketing is changing overall. There are new methods and endless paths to market products. Marketers want to affect us the best … Continue reading

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