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BLUE STAR LINE : Titanic II, heading for a second shipwreck ?

A bold project funded by an australian billionaire, the Titanic II, will be a stunning replica of the famous ship sunk in 1912. This reenactment is supposed to sail this year, in accordance with current standards, of course. But more … Continue reading

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Perception makes memory

Perception and memory. It’s obvious that both perception and memory have a great influence on a buyer’s thoughts and feelings about the product or the service the business is selling. Everyone knows that these two terms have a major effect … Continue reading

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The significance of perception, learning and memory in Buying Behavior

It is very important for us consumers that products are easily memorable and distinctive to make the best positive effect. There are many profound factors that will show some effects on our senses. One of the most important factors is … Continue reading

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Does advertising change our memory?

What kind of impression advertising makes on consumer? Most of marketers are using brands, symbols, images, logos, slogans or jingles to remind consumers of their products and services. But how many of us really notice the relation between the brand … Continue reading

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True or False

It caught my eye from the moment I saw it: A beautiful old fashioned Jaffa ad “glowing” at the bus stop. This might sound silly but it reminded me of the good old times. Times, when I was drinking Jaffa together with my … Continue reading

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