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A good coffee

Adapting to the socially conscious consumer market       What goes into a good cup of coffee? Latte, cappuccino or straight black? Is it the way it’s roasted? Or is more rudimentary with which soil the beans come from: Brazil, … Continue reading

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H&M The Truth

  Throughout the years H&M has always been my go to brand and store of choice, I seen it as reliable, Affordable and fashionable. What more did I need to know?  It was not until one night I watched a … Continue reading

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Explaining, escape or a natural trap we need to live with?

Try to think back to some of your shopping when you didn’t have to compare between different products. It’s quite challenging because we do that every time. What about the purchase, which wasn’t so satisfying after all? Eventually it drives … Continue reading

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What motivates me to hurt myself, time after time?

I hurt my back last spring. I wasn’t able to lift anything, let alone do any sports for the whole summer. So when a month ago my doctor told me I could start, bit by bit, adding some sports into … Continue reading

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Hooked on antiques and vintage

I got a recommendation from my fellow student to visit at Bukowski’s auction web pages,, just to check what they can offer. I was hooked instantly. The product categories vary from folk art into vintage & fashion. The items … Continue reading

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