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How needs and motivations affect our consuming behavior

I consider myself a rational consumer, who considers her budget, her actual needs and desires before making a purchase. Except for when I’m hungry. I buy the first delicious eatable thing I see in a shop. When taking this thinking … Continue reading

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Buy it! – It will make you feel better

There are five stages in typical buying decision making: first, you identify the need, then you search and compare, and after that you make the buying decision, and lastly, you evaluate the product you have bought. In my opinion, buying … Continue reading

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The story of Needs

How do needs affect consumer behavior? My group received this theme to be resolved during this school semester. We started opening the subject by asking questions about it and we came up with a question: “How to create needs for … Continue reading

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Excuse me, what do you really need?

“ A need:  A motivating force that compels action for its satisfaction.” There I was.  Me and about 2,000.- other people. Everybody knows what this means. It means one hour of queueing. And also the latest XXL store opening day. … Continue reading

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Needs and motives, or just motives without needs?

What does a company need to sell their product? This seems to be the most important question that all companies are trying to figure out. Some companies, like Apple for example, seem to have a good grasp of this question. … Continue reading

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