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For More Inclusivity – Why Brands Need To Broaden Their Senses

When was the last time you recognized a brand by its smell, sound, touch or taste? Not so easy to answer, right? But what might be less important or even unrecognizable to you, is a crucial aspect for any visually … Continue reading

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Adding value to your personal brand: 4 building blocks of any successful brand

With the rise of the Information Age, a paradox of individualism and collectivism have coincided exponentially to unseen heights and it only remains to grow due to globalisation. Social media and marketing campaigns are sought to not only help companies … Continue reading

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In Love with the Sound – The Importance of Sound Branding

Perhaps one of the most recognised modern definitions of a brand can be found in Marty Neumeier’s book The Brand Gap. Neumeier starts the book off by defining a brand as “a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or … Continue reading

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Just take a plain look at it.

In 2012 Australia made the first moves to decrease smokers in the younger generation; but let’s take a step back. It was actually New Zealand who first proposed the plain packaging for cigarettes in 1989, they were followed by Canada, … Continue reading

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Does counterfeiting damage the image of a luxury brand ?

Counterfeiting is the fact to identically  replicate a product. Counterfeiting is nowadays not only a fact but a real phenomenon which is constantly increasing. It concerns every industry: food, toys, technology, cars, cosmetics, fashion and even drugs. Regardless of the sector, counterfeiting … Continue reading

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