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BRAND BUILDING BEYOND ADVERTISING! „Fazer – taste of Finland“ isn’t that an appealing slogan? As I am an exchange student from Austria I am really interested in finish culture, traditions and habits and I really wanted to learn something about … Continue reading

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Korean Dessert ‘Choco-pie’s ‘Affection’ Marketing

How many people who are with Korean nationality have not eaten ‘Choco-pie’? My answer is nobody. Choco-pie, which first came out in 1974, has sold 9 billion pieces in korea, reaching cumulative sales of more than eight billions euros to date. … Continue reading

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“The beauty of me is that I’m very rich”

Honest comment, right? It is not usual way of saying things, what also makes it unforgettable. Do you remember who has said it? Internet is full of instructions ”how to build a brand”. There is a lot of companies which has … Continue reading

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A positive experience through Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is taking over the world of branding at a fast-moving phase. It is becoming a way of brands to differentiate themselves and to attract and sustain consumers. Global brands are often central to competitive strategy because they serve as … Continue reading

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From a basketball legend to a brand mogul

Michael Jordan – the hero of NBA (National Basketball Association), basketball legend and one of the biggest brand moguls in sports and street wear nowadays. How did Michael Jordan manage to create and build a strong brand not only for … Continue reading

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