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Adding value to your personal brand: 4 building blocks of any successful brand

With the rise of the Information Age, a paradox of individualism and collectivism have coincided exponentially to unseen heights and it only remains to grow due to globalisation. Social media and marketing campaigns are sought to not only help companies … Continue reading

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In Love with the Sound – The Importance of Sound Branding

Perhaps one of the most recognised modern definitions of a brand can be found in Marty Neumeier’s book The Brand Gap. Neumeier starts the book off by defining a brand as “a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or … Continue reading

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How to Master Social Media Branding

”[T]he number of likes and followers you have does not directly correlate with any measurable value. Your likes don’t correspond to a line of revenue, nor do they correspond to a level of brand awareness, since many of those likes … Continue reading

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The need of affiliations in brand building.

synonyms: annexing, attaching, connecting, joining, bonding, uniting, combining, associating, aligning, allying, In my study regarding branding, I would like to dwell deeper in to the connections that make the brand image appealing to the general public. What makes it approachable … Continue reading

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Red Bull gives you Wings

Founded just 30 years ago, an energy drink sold by an Austrian company- Red Bull has the highest market shares of any energy drink in the world. A pioneer in energy drinks and also the world sales leader, Red Bull … Continue reading

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