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Brand building, or how to construct the notoriety of a brand

Like the most popular companies, you can, by different ways and step by step, raise the awareness of your brand. Companies which find the good strategy get a real loyalty from the consumer. If you do nothing, the market will … Continue reading

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DIY Personal Branding – How and Why?

Most of us associate the words ‘’branding’’ and ‘’brand’’ to companies and products, but nowadays it’s a must to brand yourself just like a company would brand a new product. Personal Branding has become a useful tool to proceed in … Continue reading

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The need of affiliations in brand building.

synonyms: annexing, attaching, connecting, joining, bonding, uniting, combining, associating, aligning, allying, In my study regarding branding, I would like to dwell deeper in to the connections that make the brand image appealing to the general public. What makes it approachable … Continue reading

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Storytelling: How to create brand relevance

Over the years, many companies have drilled the secrets of an effective brand building strategy and have become masters in the art of storytelling. Often considered by  entrepreneurs as the most powerful tool to catch people’s attention, involve them emotionally … Continue reading

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Red Bull gives you Wings

Founded just 30 years ago, an energy drink sold by an Austrian company- Red Bull has the highest market shares of any energy drink in the world. A pioneer in energy drinks and also the world sales leader, Red Bull … Continue reading

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