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In many ways branding is as about generic a thing as one could imagine. It doesn’t matter what you conceive of you will be able to brand it given enough time and money. Often, it’s about being the first one … Continue reading

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Its not too late start building your personal brand

Whilst in the beginning of your career, building a personal brand might slip out of our conscious concentration because its lack of impact hasn’t consciously had any significant impact. The significance of personal brand goes unnoticed until it becomes a … Continue reading

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Branding is a religion

The so called “brand” is actually a faith, like religion. People have established a variety of beliefs and regard the subject of this belief as part of their own personality – whether it is for the country, religion, a certain brand, … Continue reading

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Brand Activism – the missing jigsaw piece?

Is Brand Activism the missing piece towards brand success? Continue reading

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The True Cost of Keeping Quiet

As kids we’ve been taught that honesty is the best policy. Now why is it that industries such as the fast fashion industry cannot stand by this moral. Since the fast fashion industry is a multi billion dollar industry, isn’t … Continue reading

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