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How Fortum is trying to make your houses, a little greener

Environmentalism has become increasingly important to everyday consumers, and companies try to keep up with each other as well as they can. One example of this is Fortums clean energy initiative and marketing. Nowadays every contract that an everyday customer … Continue reading

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Companies will at some point come to face the phase of “rebranding”, for some it happens in early stages and a while for others. Branding has changed over time, decades ago branding was described as name, slogan, sign, symbol or … Continue reading

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Minuscule OnePlus Challenges “The Giants”

I am sure that many of you have already heard of the brand OnePlus. If not, then you will probably get to know it in a couple of years, you might even own their product by then. OnePlus is a … Continue reading

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Golf Course Branding in Golf Business

Golf business is business where customer satisfaction is everything. When customer is selecting course to play he often wants to excperience something new but also wants to be warmly welcomed and properly served. Good service leads to happy excperience and … Continue reading

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Building brand in social media

One of the many models used in advertising is the DAGMAR -model.  The consumer goes through four steps: Awareness Comprehension Conviction Action Consumers need to be aware of the produt or service before the purchase desicion can be made. It’s … Continue reading

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