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Sustainable Fashion is the future!

Fashion has become an important topic of discussion lately. Sometimes with interesting examples of successful designers and brands that break through internationally, but unfortunately also with frightening images of appalling working conditions and the dramatic events in Bangladesh (Rana Plaza … Continue reading

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The effects of social media advertising campaigns

I’m sure most of you agree with me on this: social media today is overflowing with advertising. Sometimes I think my Facebook –page includes more ads than posts. Popularity of social media is growing all the time and therefore marketers … Continue reading

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Helsinki´s Competitive Advantage – A Cultural Blend of East and West

What pools resources and differentiates Helsinki from other scandinavian capitals? Michael Porter investigated this issue on a general basis in his book: “The Competitive Advantage of Nations”, 1998. He identified government actions as one of the essential determinants for a nation to … Continue reading

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Brands need faces too

Who is it in the photo? Stupid question, he’s footballer Cristiano Ronaldo as it says so below the picture. Yes he plays football, but according to Dailymail he earns more income with sponsors rather than with his Real Madrid salaries. Besides being a … Continue reading

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Twitter wars & Branding

Twitter wars & Branding Do not get me wrong here, branding is important and must be done extremely well to retain customers and attract new ones, but it does not have to be serious business. Branding in social media can … Continue reading

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