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100 years of partnership – The remarkable relationship between the Olympic Games and Omega

The official timekeeper of the Olympic Games We go back to 1932. One big event is taking place in Los Angeles – the 10th Olympic Games. The already 84-year old Swiss luxury watch maker Omega becomes the “official timekeeper” of … Continue reading

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DIY Personal Branding – How and Why?

Most of us associate the words ‘’branding’’ and ‘’brand’’ to companies and products, but nowadays it’s a must to brand yourself just like a company would brand a new product. Personal Branding has become a useful tool to proceed in … Continue reading

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Sustainable Fashion is the future!

Fashion has become an important topic of discussion lately. Sometimes with interesting examples of successful designers and brands that break through internationally, but unfortunately also with frightening images of appalling working conditions and the dramatic events in Bangladesh (Rana Plaza … Continue reading

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The effects of social media advertising campaigns

I’m sure most of you agree with me on this: social media today is overflowing with advertising. Sometimes I think my Facebook –page includes more ads than posts. Popularity of social media is growing all the time and therefore marketers … Continue reading

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Helsinki´s Competitive Advantage – A Cultural Blend of East and West

What pools resources and differentiates Helsinki from other scandinavian capitals? Michael Porter investigated this issue on a general basis in his book: “The Competitive Advantage of Nations”, 1998. He identified government actions as one of the essential determinants for a nation to … Continue reading

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