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In Love with the Sound – The Importance of Sound Branding

Perhaps one of the most recognised modern definitions of a brand can be found in Marty Neumeier’s book The Brand Gap. Neumeier starts the book off by defining a brand as “a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or … Continue reading

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How to Master Social Media Branding

”[T]he number of likes and followers you have does not directly correlate with any measurable value. Your likes don’t correspond to a line of revenue, nor do they correspond to a level of brand awareness, since many of those likes … Continue reading

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DIY Personal Branding – How and Why?

Most of us associate the words ‘’branding’’ and ‘’brand’’ to companies and products, but nowadays it’s a must to brand yourself just like a company would brand a new product. Personal Branding has become a useful tool to proceed in … Continue reading

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Storytelling: How to create brand relevance

Over the years, many companies have drilled the secrets of an effective brand building strategy and have become masters in the art of storytelling. Often considered by  entrepreneurs as the most powerful tool to catch people’s attention, involve them emotionally … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Spice Me Up

There are few sure to tell signs that summer is coming to an end and fall is approaching: weather gets chillier, schools begin after summer holidays and Pumpkin spice latte makes its annual return on Starbucks menu. I don’t know … Continue reading

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